The installation of drawer slide rail first determine what kind of drawer slide rail is used, generally there are three steel ball slide rail and three hidden slide rail, the installation parameters of these two types of slide rail and the size of the drawer cutting board are not the same, please according to certain data, determine the length of your drawer, and the depth of the counter, in order to choose the corresponding size to install on the drawer.

Special attention should be paid to the installation: the length of the slide rail should be less than the depth of the cabinet, the clearance of 12.7mm is reserved on one side of the steel ball slide rail, and the clearance of 5mm is reserved on one side of the bottom slide rail.

Secondly, assemble the drawer of the five plates, screw on the screws, drawer panel with card slot, after processing, the drawer has been installed on the drawer, so that the adjustment nail hole anastomoses, and then push the locking nail into the locking drawer and slide rail.

Finally, to install the cabinet, you need to screw the plastic hole on the side panel of the cabinet first, and then install the track removed from the above. A slide rail is fixed with two small screws, one in front and the other in back. Both sides of the cabinet should be installed and secured.