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[OLIDUN] was founded in September 2009, the company's official website: www.olidun.com, the brand has been committed to cabinet door hinges and drawer slides since its inception. Products are mainly divided into hydraulic hinge, damping hinge, stainless steel hinge, three section slide rail, damping slide rail, hidden slide rail, industrial heavy rail and other seven series, is the cabinet factory, wardrobe factory, bathroom cabinet factory, case showcase factory and other high-quality partners.

Foshan Olidun Hardware Products Co., Ltd. to the epicenter of the firm, moving and powerful! For the spirit of enterprise. Let home more beautiful! The lifelong mission of this brand! High quality products, comfortable service, the taste of happiness for the company's staff to strive for the work standard, continuous efforts to forge ahead, with its good reputation and reputation to win a stable market!

The company advocates the customer concept is: first, not a simple product, but the trust of the product! Secondly, it is not a simple delivery, but a friend of trouble! Third, not the end of the business, but to join the future partners!

[OLIDUN] Ten years of focus on the hinge rail industry experience, with a boutique mentality to do a good job in every product, always provide high-quality products to win the trust of customers; The team participated in providing pre-sales consultation, sales communication, after-sales follow-up, etc., to ensure timely and comfortable service; In the way of business operation, management experience, customer resources are keen to exchange, from equality and mutual benefit of customer relations to huddle warm partnership.